By Thomas Riggs

The above statement is one that is commonplace amongst Finns who are living abroad, especially when they are traveling back home for a visit and are instructed to return with Finnish bread. Finns have a strong fondness for their breads, which are flavorful, healthful and chewy.

Well, I can tell you personally that Finnish bread is something special (at least in my opinion), particularly the dark rye bread – it is addictive. I initially assumed that no Finnish ruisleipä (rye bread) was produced  in the New York area, but was excited when I learned of a Finn, Simo Kuusisto, who was producing Finnish and Scandinavian breads locally. To get a better idea of what he is baking, you should visit his web page www.nordicbreads.com. The pictures alone will make your mouth water. Now I don’t have to dream of somehow getting my hands on Finnish bread through some friend bringing me back some, but am enjoying it almost daily here in the US.