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Mission statement

Finland Center Foundation (FCF) is the meeting point of Finnish and American culture, commerce and community. FCF supports the activities of Finnish-American organizations in the greater New York area, and Finnish values globally, in the present and for generations to come.


At FCF we strongly believe that no nation can fully celebrate its heritage unless its citizens are able to enjoy peace, human rights, relative prosperity, and most importantly, equality between men and women. Finland not only safeguards these rights among its citizens, but has become known for promoting these values through its peacekeeping and aid work in different parts of the world. Finland has also stood out for decades as one of the best places in the world to be a woman.

Finland Center’s vision is to continue to promote these values with the help of Finnish culture in New York City. Without women’s rights, the other values are not achievable either, and they are essential for rich cultural expression. FCF believes that working on the global arena for these values is one of Finland’s most important contributions to world culture, and our values should also be promoted in a visible manner in New York City, where the world’s cultures intersect. This is done in a concrete fashion by supporting organizations that work actively in these fields. In the past several years, FCF worked intensively to establish The Kota Alliance, which aims to create a World Center for Women in New York City. It will serve as a hub for civil society organizations working for gender equality and women’s empowerment. FCF has catalyzed its emergence as a separate, registered not-for-profit organization in New York. We are proud of this achievement, will continue as a partner organization, and encourage everyone to support it.

Going forward

With the establishment of The Kota Alliance, FCF will maintain its connection with the new organization and continue to do what we do best: bring our volunteers, interns from Finland, musicians and artists, etc., who want to support the cause to share their talents in New York City.  We like arranging events and fundraisers, and when The Kota Center (working title) will emerge as a physical space, we want to manage a sauna! Finland Center will also bring to the table our ground-laying work as well as our connections to non-governmental organizations, representatives of Finnish architecture and design, individuals, corporations and foundations. All of the above can help make the center financially self-sufficient. We welcome the involvement of all individuals and entities with similar goals and values wishing to join us in this endeavor.

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The Kota Alliance

The Kota Alliance is an initiative of Finland Center Foundation (FCF) to establish a World Center for Women in New York City as a hub for nonprofit organizations that work towards gender equality and women’s empowerment. It has been registered as a separate entity in New York State, The Kota Alliance. It has received 501c3 status from the IRS and we encourage you to get involved and support its work!

Update on FCF and The Kota Alliance at Lehdistötiedote 2017 (in Finnish).