Oct 20, 2015

Johanna Melander, also known as Jozu Kristi, is an international traveler and freelance artist. Although she has lived all over and has called the US her home since 2004, she started her music career in Helsinki, Finland.

Having collaborated with professionals in Europe and the US, and working with Warner and BMG in Helsinki, Jozu’s career took shape performing in cover bands including jazz trios, disco bands, and big bands. Jozu also recorded solo projects for labels such as Universal Music, scoring a top-selling and most-played list hit single in Finland in 2003. The single was released under the name Ensimmäinen Päivä by Joanna.

You might have also caught her performing her own original songs in one of the many live music venues of NYC’s indie scene. Always looking for new opportunities to utilize her creative abilities, Jozu remains grateful for all those who have continuously believed in her.