Dec 23, 2013

Around 30 children along with their parents showed up at Public School 3 in Greenwich Village in Manhattan to see a movie called The Flight Before Christmas (Niko – Lentäjän poika). This is an award-winning Finnish animation by Michael Hegner and Kari Juusonen. The event itself was a perfect Christmas kick-off with the thrilling plot, the delicious gingerbread and the atmosphere full of joy and verve!

The gym at PS3 was transferred into a movie theatre and played the role of an entertainment center with comfortable seats, where you could sit and watch the movie on a big screen and have a little snack. All the sighs, wows, and giggles proved that the audience clearly got carried away with the story of Niko the young reindeer.


This movie was the first one in the series of Finnish children’s movies organized by FCF and supported by The Finland Society. The access to all of the upcoming movie nights is free. You are more than welcome to join us the next time!