Nov 23, 2015

Ida Metsberg performed at Caffe Vivaldi on November 18th. She is a singer-songwriter from Finland, who came to New York to study musical theater only to discover she didn’t want to do it in the end. Instead, she turned to composition and lyrics. At Caffe Vivaldi, breeding ground for musical talent known and unknown, Metsberg expressed feelings sure to resound with the mostly young audience: love and breakup, homesickness, elation over being young in New York, and confusion over which way one’s life is headed.

She accompanied herself on guitar and piano, and although her voice and compositions are pleasing to the ear, it is the eloquence in the lyrics, flowing smoothly with the tunes, which remained as the most memorable impression of the evening. All the more so coming from a non-native English speaker and good enough to stand alone as poetry. One of the many songs Ida performed during the evening was called Time. You can see the lyrics below.


I was supposed to know by now
How to stand tall and hold my ground
And how to keep my head but never let it fill my heart with doubt
I was supposed to know by now

I thought I’d learn by 23
How to love someone fearlessly
But seems like everyone is playing a game they know except for me
I thought I’d learn by 23

Give me just a little more time
Tell me it’s all part of the plan
To get a little bit lost before we get it right
Give me just a little more time
No, my story can’t be done, there must be more
Somewhere down the line

I always thought that I’d feel brave
Chasing those dreams, going my own way
But lately all I seem to feel is more confused and more afraid
I always thought that I’d feel brave

‘Cause now I don’t know which way to go
But I got to find my home
Just got to find my home
I need to find my way home

To find more information about Ida, visit her Facebook page here. You can also listen to her songs at