Mar 7, 2017

Something incredible is happening in Japan: the women are living longer and healthier than anywhere else on Earth. They are eating some of the world’s most delicious food yet they have the lowest obesity in the developed world by far. Dojo restaurant in Greenwich Village became the scene of a Japan-Finland friendship event on March 5, 2017. Naomi Moriyama, the co-author of three books on Japanese cuisine, explained to us the secrets of Japanese home cooking. The talk was followed by a delicious Japanese meal!

Naomi Moriyama demystified Japanese home cooking and explained how easy it is for you to enjoy it right away! Naomi spent six months in 2015 in Joensuu, Finland, where her husband William Doyle was a Fulbright Scholar, and will sprinkle her talk with some of her impressions on the North Karelian cuisine. She is a Manhattan mom and author of “Secrets of the World’s Healthiest Children: Why Japanese children have the longest, healthiest lives – and how yours can too” published by Little Brown in UK in 2015 and Amazon Kindle in the US in 2017, “Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat: Secrets of My Mother’s Tokyo Kitchen” (Random House US, UK, and 20 other countries), which was hailed by The Washington Post as a "delicious way to stay healthy”, triggered a UK sequel “The Japan Diet” and was a Wall Street Journal Best New Year Diet Book.  She has been a judge on The Food Network’s acclaimed IRON CHEF AMERICA TV program, and a guest on the US’s top rating TV shows including The Today Show, The View, and Dr. Oz.

Prior to writing the books, Naomi served as Chief Marketing Consultant for Ralph Lauren Japan, as director of marketing at HBO in New York, and as account executive at Grey Advertising in Tokyo and New York, working on the Procter & Gamble and Kraft General Foods accounts, and as independent US-Japan marketing consultant, serving multi-national corporations. She grew up in Tokyo and on her grandparent’s farm in rural Japan. Naomi lives in New York City with her nine-year-old son and her husband and co-author William Doyle.