Sep 9, 2011

KAIVAMA is a talented new duo consisting of Sara Pajunen, violin, and Jonathan Rundman, guitar, piano, and harmonium... (Yes, check out that funny looking box in the photo! If you are old enough, you remember those things in the classroom of your elementary school in Finland, which the teacher would play to accompany the class in hymn-singing!). The duo, on an East Coast tour from their respective homes in Michigan and Minnesota, entertained a roomful of folk music fans in the parlor of the Salmagundi Club on Thursday, Sept. 9. Kaivama takes its name from the Finnish verb kaivaa ('to dig, excavate, explore') and that is what they do with their music – explore their roots – both members of the duo are 75% Finnish. Jonathan Rundman is actually a rock musician, and Sara Pajunen a classically trained violinist. The combination of the two has a vibrant result: they take old tunes and give them new interpretations as well as playing new pieces by current folk music composers, such as Arto Jarvela. They also presented some of their own compositions with strong folk music influence. Many feet were tapping in response to the catchy tunes and rhythms of polkka, polska, and schottis (jenkka) – we definitely want them back, and perhaps next time we will roll away the carpet and take a few steps!

Check back soon for a link to a videoclip of the concert!