Finland Center Foundation (FCF) is the meeting point of Finnish and American culture, commerce and community. FCF supports the activities of Finnish-American organizations in the greater New York area, and Finnish values globally, in the present and for generations to come.







The Kota Project is an initiative of Finland Center Foundation (FCF) to establish a World Center for Women in New York City as a hub for nonprofit organizations that work towards women’s empowerment.

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Now you can become a member of our organization and help support our ongoing cultural work in the New York area. We also need everyone to pitch in for our long term project to secure a permanent home away from home in New York for Finns and all friends of Finland – a place where the values we cherish – women’s empowerment, peace, equality, human rights, education, and sustainable development – are nurtured! This project is for you, me, our children and the world.


Vappu Picnic is in Central Park on Sunday May 3rd around 2pm. Meet by the big rocks on Sheep’s Meadow’s south-east corner. Look for two big balloons, silver and gold – and white student caps, wear yours if you have one here!. Bring food, drinks, blankets and tons of Vappu spirit! We have THE MÖLKKY, so let’s play!

Let’s Celebrate the Arrival of Spring!