Ville Juurikkala: HIM: Right Here in My Eyes opening in Morrison Hotel Gallery NYC Nov 14th

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Invitation only.image2

Morrison Hotel Gallery is a second floor walk up located in the middle of SoHo, on Prince Street between Greene and Wooster.

On November 14th, they hosted an invite-only event where Finland seemed the common ground between attendants. People who had met years ago through friends of friends were suddenly in the same room together after long separations. And people who had never met found their connection to Finland the perfect topic to begin a conversation.

The occasion was an opening reception where two shows were on display concurrently. On one side of the space were photographs featuring American rock icons, most notably Bruce Springsteen.

On the other side were photos taken by Ville Juurikkala showing the Finnish band HIM. It was these photos that brought everyone together.

Juurikkala is a very highly awarded photographer. In addition to having worked with HIM for over ten years, he has also shot such artists as Slash, Steven Tyler, Good Charlotte, and Nightwish.

The exhibition was organized to overlap with HIM’s arrival to NYC for the final show of their farewell tour image4on Friday of the same week.

The images on display at Morrison Hotel were exhibited earlier this year at the Helsinki Art Museum (HAM).

Some shots date back to HIM’s early years, and some were taken just this year. Included were views from the rehearsal room, promotional photos, and shots of the band performing live. One eye-catching large print was a recent image showing Ville Vallo holding a lit match in front of his harsh-lit face.

The reception was professionally organized with catering and several bar options. Juurikkala wa

s present and in good spirits, as were some of the biggest names in New York City’s music scene including Bob Gruen, Wendy Scripps, and Jimmy Webb.

Marcelle Murdock of Morrison Hotel gallery was excited to be exhibiting Juurikkala’s work. She only recently became the director of the gallery, and did not realize the extent of the Finnish underground in NYC. Fortunately, the good turnout validated her curatorial instincts and proved she knows what she is doing.

By: Alex Markwith

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