Finland 100 Birthday Party

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The Finnish Independence Day was first celebrated on December 6th 1917, after Finland declared itself an independent nation in the context of the Russian revolution, and it’s status as an autonomous grand duchy of the Russian Empire came to an end. Gaining independence was the result of “sisu” and long-term efforts of Finns. As this year Finland celebrates 100 years of independence, the most notable year of our generation, it is clearly a big and very special year for us.

The anniversary year 2017 is a chance for all Finns and friends of Finland to get together. Tens of thousands of events and gatherings will be organized around Finland under the name Finland 100. The celebrations also reach beyond Finland’s borders; the big year is celebrated in several countries.

Finland100NYC is an official Suomi 100 project that celebrates this significant year in New York City throughout 2017 with various events. Amongst other cool events, you can celebrate Finland by attending the Finland 100 Birthday Party on September 9th in NYC.

b-partyWhat to expect? A cocktail event where you can enjoy drinks, light snacks, music, unique Finnish design, tech and art, and of course, the great company of Finnish people and friends of Finland! Come join the celebration!

For details of the party and other events click here

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